It’s rare that we see two young entertainers assembled by the industry that actually like one another, let alone become best mates.

But that’s what makes Zach & Josh different.

Zach & Josh have hosted national radio shows on the Hit Network, Triple M Modern Digital, and are now building their new on-demand radio show on Spotify, ‘Morning ‘Wood’. Brought together by SCA’s Hubble Talent Program, the boys they gained mentorship under some of the country’s best programmers.

Prior to getting their start in commercial radio at SCA, Zach studied journalism while working for a NFP and travelling the world. His radio career began hosting breakfast at Melbourne community network SYN 90.7.

Josh got his start in the entertainment industry at 17 years old as host of Totally Wild on Network Ten, before moving to the US for three years to pursue standup comedy. He is also a qualified lawyer.

The boys are accumulating a strong social following and regularly produce unique sketch videos and studio content.