Robin Bailey joins comedian Lawrence Mooney and Greg ‘ Marto ‘ Martin for Triple M Brisbane breakfast in 2018.

Robin moved to Triple M in 2017 joining Ed Kavalee and Marto for the “Ed, Marto and Robin” breakfast show.

Ratings don’t tell the whole story, but what a story its been for Robin.

For 10 years she played the leading role on the “Robin, Terry & Bob” Breakfast shown on ARN’s 97.3 FM.

Her Breakfast program was the #1 Breakfast show in Brisbane throughout 2015 and 2016. She also appeared on the the hugely successful B105 breakfast show for almost a decade.

She was recently named as one of the Top Ten Most Powerful Women on Australian radio.

Robin is not only the most high-profile female media talent in Brisbane, but is also one of the leading media personalities in Australia and has a deep understanding of news and current affairs.

Brisbane listeners adore her, Robin has a tremendous ability for honesty, empathy, and openness – she shares everything with her listeners, and they in turn with her. Robin also appears as a regular guest on national Channel 9 program Weekend Today, and is a sought after speaker and MC.

Robins podcast series with author Rebecca Sparrow; roadtesting techniques for a better, happier, and more meaningful life – can be heard here.

Marchmedia is proud to represent such an extraordinary talent as Robin Bailey.


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