Marchmedia is a Sydney based boutique talent management company representing some of Australia’s finest broadcasters.

Our approach is based on a core belief that great talent is the ultimate differentiator for media brands.

Great talent make a difference, they are unique and they stand out. They have something to say !

We focus primarily on radio and also have expertise across all platforms including television, social and digital media, live appearances, publishing and commercial campaigns.

We guide the careers of our talent strategically; we are skilled negotiators and have highly valued relationships throughout the radio industry and media in general.

We offer coaching, direction and expert guidance for talent, we are hands on and offer personalised service.

We work closely with each individual helping them achieve their professional goals along the way.

As well as management we mentor and advise up and coming new talent.

We are passionate about our talent, their brand and careers and we take great pride in their success.

We are about building successful long term careers.